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Published: 07/06/2021

We asked our sales team what their favourite products are, and here's what they had to say.

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Tuesday Tips - How To Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet

Published: 31/05/2021

Your helmet is used every time you go out for a ride, facing many different types of weather conditions. It absorbs everything from bugs on the outside to sweat being absorbed within the interior lining, which is why it is important to continuously clean and care for your helmet it in order to keep it fresh and extend its lifetime.

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Tuesday Tips - Roost Protection 101: How to Choose the Right Roost Deflector for Your Type of Riding

Published: 06/05/2021

In this article, we’ll outline the many types of roost protection available from EVS so you can make an informed decision when you’re ready to make a purchase. We’ll provide a brief overview of each product, suggest the type of riding each is best suited for, and whether each can be worn under or over a jersey or riding jacket.

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Tuesday Tips - General Piston Installation Guidelines

Published: 03/05/2021

Here we go over general piston installation guidelines. NOTE: Piston installation guidelines are for general installation only. Always refer to the OEM service manual for critical engine data.

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Tuesday Tips - How To Change Your Motorcycle Oil

Published: 26/04/2021

Changing your motorcycle oil is necessary and can be easily done by yourself. This video and article are here to guide you through it in the simplest way possible.

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