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WTP Wind stopper Pants


The WTJ pants represent the new goal in the fight against cold. With Brainy Position technology, three different materials are mixed together to form the product The Winter Barrier (windproof and water-repellent fiber) acts in the front part exposed to cold air to keep the cold from penetrating and to keep the body warm and dry. In the portions more subject to perspiration, Carbon Underwear® guarantees total breathability and thermoregulation, while a micro polar fleece weave warms and maintains the right body temperature in the intermediate areas Recommended as the "intermediate layer", to use on top of SIXS Underwear and underneath another technical outerwear garment. • Comfort fit : The back area - where there is no direct contact with air - has inserts in Thermo Carbon Underwear® that maintains thermoregulation by taking sweat away to the outside and keeping the skin dry • Brainy position : The bottom abdomen and back areas are thermally insulated by ThermoPile® • Materials : Winter Barrier® Water-repellent, windproof and thermoregulating. Carbon Underwear® Breathability and thermoregulation without compromise. Perfect for all seasons of the year. Antistatic fabric. ThermoPile® Very high thermal insulation • 80% Polyester, 15% Polypropylene, 2% Elastomer, 2% Carbon Fiber

WTP Wind stopper Pants


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