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Reinforced sports bra with colored carbon Underwear®


SIXS sports bra is an improved and reinforced bra that guarantees athletes comfort and maintain the right temperature. The SIXS Color Carbon Underwear® protects the skin from the build-up of perspiration, even in the hottest periods of the year. So there are no more unexpected chills or cold since the moisture will be far away from the body • Antistatic system : The carbon yarn isolates the static electricity caused by the rubbing of fabrics • Seamless technology : seamless garment on the torso to provide absolute comfort • Materials : Carbon Underwear® Breathability and thermoregulation without compromise. Perfect for all seasons of the year. Antistatic fabric • 52% Polypropylene, 40% Polyamide, 5% Elastomer, 3% Carbon Fiber

Reinforced sports bra with colored carbon Underwear®


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