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• Combines high nitrogen concentration with an incredibly hard matrix of elastomers which increases durability up to twice as long as other foams • Provides a lively, lightweight feel and better traction • Stronger foam at lower cost • More progressive, predictable and secure feel • The high nitrogen content gives a more pneumatic handling, eliminating the terrible "dead feel" • Resists impacts and increases the absorption of bumps • Does not need a break-in period and designed to perform in temperatures ranging from 30 to 100° F (-1 to 38° C) • Supplied with enough silicone mounting gel to easily install one mousse inner tube (you must use the whole tube)
For proper fitment for your tires please visit Nitromousse's website by following the Qr code link

120/100-18 NITROMOUSSE

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Style/Segment Mousse
Model Standard
Option/Position Rear
Diameter 18
Full size 120/100-18
Width/Height 120/100

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