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Multi-use T-Bone tire repair kit Tires & Wheels


BlackJack repairs conform to the size and shape of the injury, sealing out moisture and dirt, eliminating stress to the belts and preserving the tire integrity. This is the reason that BlackJack tire repairs are permanent repairs.

Multi-use tire repair kit includes:
1x T-Bone handle with spiral probe,1x T-Bone handle with 4" open- eye needle, 1x spare 4" open-eye needle, a screwdriver with reversible shaft (Philips and flat with a valve core removing tool), 1x hex wrench, a specially formulated lube, a razor blade and 30 repairs: 10x 4" for large diameter repairs (6.4mm / 1/4"), 10x 4" for small diameter repairs (4.8mm / 3/16"), 5x 6" for large diameter repairs and 5x small diameter repairs, all in a custom form fitted black or colored case

Multi-use T-Bone tire repair kit


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