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Ultimax MAX snowmobile belt Snowmobile Parts & Accessories


The Ultimax MAX® has an improved cog design for greater flexibility and cooler running. The new thicker MAX® has added strength that provides longer belt life. The MAX® belt series is designed for machines under 500 cc.

• Designed for vintage and lower-power snowmobiles • New design with larger bottom cog to better handle demands of deep snow, towing, and shock loads • Refined over decades to achieve best balance of flexibility, cord-retention and dimensional stability • Longest-lasting, best-performing iteration of the venerable Incredible Max line of snowmobile belts

Materials and manufacturing
• Fiber-loaded rubber designed for optimal grip on clutches and consistency over the life of the belt • Strong and stable aramid cord for zero stretch and maximum tensile strength • Built with modern methods to reduce variability and eliminate “classic” failure modes • Double cog construction provides greater belt strength while preserving flexibility

• Every MAX® belt is manufactured using new processes that reduce dimensional variation so every belt performs consistently • Dimensions match OE in cord length and width, meaning your sled will shift like new • Dimensions are held to tighter tolerances than OE belts

Ultimax MAX snowmobile belt


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