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The Grunge Brush - Replacement Brush Set Parts & Other Accessories


This innovative product is a 3 sided adjustable brush designed specifically for cleaning motorcycle drive chains. It has 3 brush blocks that utilize a tongue and groove system allowing for each block to slide in and out of the handle for adjustment and replacement purposes. The heavy duty nylon bristles are o-ring safe and resistant to all petroleum based oils and solvents. “THE GRUNGE BRUSH” does an excellent job of breaking up the heavy deposits of grime and grunge that clings to chains. Motorcycle chain maintenance just got much easier. We also offer “THE GRUNGE BUSTER”, a water based degreaser. It’s concentrated, bio-degradable formula has an additive to prevent o-rings from drying out. It may be used full strength or diluted up to 1:4 with water.

The Grunge Brush - Replacement Brush Set


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