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LITHIUM Batteries & Chargers


Ultra high power Lithium Iron Phosphate technology provides high energy density with only 1/3 of a lead-acid battery’s weight

Environmentally friendly, nontoxic and recyclable.

Up to 10 lbs. lighter than the stock battery.

“Dry” technology that can be mounted in any direction.

Extremely durable, with an exceptional static self-charge rate of only 10% per year.

Increased cranking AMPS over lead acid batteries.

Built in LED test gauge available on CLFP20-BS, CLFP20L-BS, CLFP20HL-BS, CLFP20H-BS, CLFP50N18L-A, CLFP30L-BS, CLFP30HL-BS.

Durabatt Application Chart

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