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Heavy-duty Smart clamps for XP-10 and XP-10-HD Batteries & Chargers


Specifically designed for mechanics and intensive use. They offer unbreakable all copper construction, have much stronger clamping strength, and larger clamp area. If you do more than emergency jump starting with the XP-10 or are most often jump starting larger vehicles, we recommend these heavy-duty clamps. Additionally with the better connection you will get a better transfer of power to start those hard to start vehicles.

These are an upgrade to the clamps included in the original XP-10 kit. For the XP-10-HD these serve as a replacement or extra set since that kit comes with and only uses the Heavy-duty Smart clamps.

KEY FEATURES: • Large 5″ clamps (2″ bigger than original XP-10 Smart Clamps) • Unbreakable all copper construction • Better power transfer due to larger clamping surface area and stronger clamping force • Aggressive larger jaw design with heavy clamping strength, and bite • Made for commercial and daily use by mechanics • 5 built-in safety protections including reverse polarity, short circuit and more • Fits all XP-10 MICRO-START power supplies (original or HD models)

Heavy-duty Smart clamps for XP-10 and XP-10-HD


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