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Extreme Power Series XPS V-10 Lithium battery Batteries & Chargers


Our new XPS V-10 is as powerful as our YTX12-24 (our biggest battery), yet is almost half the size. It has and incredible amount of starting power, up to 700 cranking amps yet weighs only 4 lbs. and is only 6″ long x 3.4″ wide and x 3.25″ tall. It can start the largest V-Twin motors or even V8-Race Car motors up to 800 Horsepower. These batteries are high on starting power but are NOT made for touring use, they have a lower Amp Hour capacity than our normal high power models, and are intended for applications where there is not much of a demand for higher capacity (such as custom bikes, drag bikes, race cars) but a demand for massive starting power. This battery is smallest and most powerful battery available and no other company in the world offers this level of power in such a compact size.
This battery IS NOT recommended for regular street use, it is intended for racing use only.

Extreme Power Series XPS V-10 Lithium battery


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