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PN2L Leggings SuperLight carbon Underwear® with butt-patch


With Leggings SuperLight Carbon Underwear with butt-patch it is not necessary to give up the thermoregulation and wicking properties of our SuperLight Carbon Underwear® fabric even on particularly hot days. Just like a second skin, it allows the athlete to retain the right body temperature by taking sweat (and heat along with it) to the outside without absorbing it. The result is a pleasant sensation of dryness and freshness on the skin. What's more is that the convenient built-in butt-patch guarantees a comfortable ride on the seat • Antistatic system : The carbon yarn isolates the static electricity caused by the rubbing of fabrics • Mortocycle pad : Revolutionary dual-density pad, specially designed for motorcycling, with particular shape that exactly covers the areas prone to vibration and friction • Materials : SuperLight Carbon Underwear® Thermoregulating and super breathable (-36% in weight compared to Carbon Underwear®). Specific for high temperatures. Antistatic fabric • 77% Polypropylene, 15% Polyamide, 5% Elastomer, 3% Carbon Fiber

PN2L Leggings SuperLight carbon Underwear® with butt-patch


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