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Gear 300


100% Synthetic – Ester based
• Specially designed for racing vehicle gearboxes: speed way, rallye, raid… • Extreme pressure lubricant for an efficient anti wear protection, a better resistance at high temperature and a longer life time. • 0% shear loss: Unshearable oil film in extreme conditions • Less effort required on the gear lever to shift the gears • Suitable for any type of seal and yellow material used in gearboxes design • Anti-corrosion, Anti-foam.
Standard: API GL4 and GL5 / MIL-L-2105D

GEAR 300 75W90 20L

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Style/Segment Transmission oils
Format 20L (5.3US gal) Jerrycan
Model Gear 300
Oil Base Full synthetic
Viscosity 75W90

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