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Battlax Adventure A40 – Adventure Touring - REAR Tires & Wheels


• Radial replacement tires designed for modern Adventure touring bikes • Using the MotoGP

heritage of the Battlax brand with the reputation of the Battle Wing name to create tires that

deliver enhanced traction and stability on dry and wet surfaces • Both tires have revised rubber

compounds using Silica-Rich and NanoPro-Tech designs for performance in a wide range

of temperatures and conditions • Front tire features Mono-Spiral Belt construction, a revised

rubber compound and a new tread pattern to ensure sport handling with inspired durability

• New larger crown profile (front) improves contact patch for grip when cornering • Revised

casing construction, large bead filler and a new tread pattern (rear tire) offer improved stability

and traction • Rear tire offers enhanced mileage from new rubber compound and tread pattern

Battlax Adventure A40 – Adventure Touring - REAR


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