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Prospect WFS goggles Goggles & Eyewear


The Prospect WFS possesses the same great features than the Prospect goggle. It is equipped with a WFS film system featuring a 50mm film for a large field of vision even in the muddiest conditions. New is , that the canister can be clipped directly on the WORKS pins of the lens which makes their installation much easier and less time consuming. Offers a better field of vision ,an easier installation in the canisters,a better sliding on the lens and a better sealing with the lens at the top.

• Regular fit
• 50mm WORKS Film System Canisters
• SCOTT anti-stick grid whit mudflap
• Lens Lock System
• Articulated outriggers
• NoSweat 3.2 Face foam
• Extra wide 50mm no-slip silicone strap
• Cylindrical SCOTT Trueview single WORKS lens
• NoFog anti-Fog lens treatment
• 2 rolls of film
• Microfiber goggle bag
• Nose guard

Prospect WFS goggles


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