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300V² Factory Line


High performance lubricant developed for “Factory Team's” and designed to offer maximum power output, better clutch “grip” control with outstanding engine and gearbox protection when running under all types of extreme conditions. For 4 stroke engines with or without and integrated gearbox and wet clutch or dry clutch. Racing engines operating at very high temperature and from low to high revs: speed bikes, MotoGP, supersport, superbike, uphill, hill climb, dirt bikes, cross bikes, MX... Other use: ATV's and UTV's.
Off road use benefits: • Low oil film traction at low revolution speed offering increased torque • Optimized friction control offering increased clutch grip for better motricity • High shear stability offering increased gearbox reliability
On road use benefits: • Low oil film friction at high revolution speed offering increased maximum power output • Optimized oxidation stability offering increased oil durability • Improved engine cleanliness offering constant engine performance
Recommendations: • For optimum engine and gearbox performance, avoid mixing with other synthethic or mineral lubricants • Oil change: according to your own use


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Style/Segment Engine oils
Format 4L (1.06US gal)
Model 300V² Factory Line
Oil Base Full synthetic
Viscosity 10W50

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