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Moto Street Air Filters - 12-NU4108


The Uni Filter, although different in appearance, is designed to fit exactly like the original equipment air filter. Simply remove the original filter and install the Uni Filter. The unique foam design allows maximum air flow for a longer period of time before service is required. Oiling of the filter per instructions will not affect the air flow! The high air flow Uni Filter will improve performance and provide the best filtration and engine protection available. When service is required, the Uni Filter can be easily cleaned and reused.

CHF50-METRO 02-09/NPS 50-RUCKUS 04-13

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Style/Segment Air filters
OEM Part Number Year Model
NU-4108 2002 - 2009 CHF 50 / Metropolitan
NU-4108 2004 - 2019 NPS 50 / Ruckus

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