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XTX - Belts for extremely powerful snowmobiles - 141-XTX5024 Snowmobile Belts


Most powerful motors call for most powerful belts
Introducing Dayco’s revolutionary XTX high horsepower drive belt. Bred from a rich history of experienced belt builders, the new XTX is specifically engineered to maximize the performance of high horsepower snowmobiles. Beating the competition on the CSRA race course is just one of many aspects that set the XTX belt apart from its competition. Specially formulated high temperature Pol mer along with the highest level of engineered reinforcement proves to perform better in belt operating temperature and efficiency than leading competitors. Its innovative break-through design of deeper cogs on top and rounded cogs on the bottom yield the advantages of ultimate flexibility and longer belt life.

The Dayco XTX belt offers:
• Faster and more consistent throttle response at high speeds
• Quicker throttle response at mid-speed acceleration
• Greater secondary acceleration at high RPMs
• Greater secondary acceleration as primary acceleration increases
• Reduction in slippage during the highest levels of torque
• Providing more power to track
• Better performance during deceleration (more responsive engine braking)
• Tested and proven reliability at well over 12,000 RPMs
• A cooler-running temperature than the leading competitors
• Confidence in knowing you’re covered with a one year warranty


Parts Finder
Style/Segment Belts - Vehicle specific
Model XTX
OEM Part Number Year Model
417-300-197 2019 Renegade 600 carb
417-300-197 2017 Renegade Sport
417-300-197 2019 Summit 600 carb
417-300-197 2018 Summit Sport
OEM Part Number Year Model
417-300-197 2019 MKZ 600 CARB
417-300-197 2017 MX Z Sport

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