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Micro-Start PPS XP-3 Batteries - Boosting


We have all experienced a dead battery in our vehicle and the dread of not being able to start it, or that cell phone battery that went dead during that important call…The Micro-Start is a pocket size jump-starter and back-up battery supply for all your electronic devices and ends those problems forever. It fits in your motorcycle saddlebags, your back-pack or even a purse!
The Micro-Start PPS is the world’s smallest and lightest jump starter. Take it with you anywhere and remain confident. The built-in extreme power lithium battery can hold a charge for up to a year. Whatever you do, don’t get stuck without back-up power again.

• It can jump start cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles and watercraft many times in a row • It has a hi-power LED flashlight with 2 built-in flash signals including an S.O.S. flashing beacon • It has a lighted battery capacity indicator • It has built-in over-charge and over-discharge protections for long battery life • It has an automatic power-off when not in use • Supplied in a convenient carrying case

The Micro-Start XP-3 has a jump-start port and a USB 5v port. It comes with the following accessories :
• Detachable mini jumper clamps • 1 white universal USB Cable with 3 of the most common tips for cell phones and other 5v USB chargeable electronics such as all cell phones, iPad, readers (Kindles), PSPs, GPS, tablet computers, and anything else using the 5V USB standard • 1 Home charger • 1 Mobile charger for plugging into cigarette lighter socket


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Style/Segment Booster packs
Type 400 Amps / 8,000 mAh
Model Micro-Start PPS XP-3

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