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NCP2 Battery corrosion preventative is formulated to make all surfaces impenetrable to corrosion-causing acid fumes, which reduce battery life and cranking ability. Its oil based formula applies a viscous protection seal that does not dry or evaporate, providing a long-lasting, lifetime guarantee. It is suitable for battery terminals, cables, hold-downs, enclosures and carriers.

• Stops and prevents battery corrosion for the life of your battery
• Oil-based formula that does not dry or evaporate
• Eliminates battery corrosion for increased cranking ability
• Environmentally safe and resistant to reversion, moisture, shock and vibration
• Available in 14 oz / 396gm workshop size aerosol can or in a convenient, compact 1 oz / 28.35gm which is the perfect size for the protection of one battery
• The original formula since 1914, and Made in the USA


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Style/Segment Anti-corrosion
Format 28.35gm (1oz wt)
Model NCP2

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