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Long-sleeve jersey with full-length zipper made of Reinforced Carbon Underwear. The Carbon Underwear fabric has been reinforced to guarantee the same breathability and thermoregulating features as our underwear, but with increased density to bear the weight of the protectors and keep them firmly in place. Extremely customizable depending on the needs: protectors for shoulders and elbows can be removed from the inside pockets that prevent them from moving. Back protective armor with separate housing adjustable in height or that can be removed from the jersey. The abdominal band that holds the back protective armor in place is removable, too. The ventilated chest protective armor (CE approved) is easy to adjust and remove using the Velcro closure. Product compatible with any type of Neck Brace. The customer can choose from CE approved protectors level 1 (D3O) or level 2 (SAS-TEC) • Intelligent safe protection : Thanks to the special impactsensitive protectors, the product is soft and pliant, so it perfectly adapts to the body's anatomy. The protectors stiffen at the time of impact and absorb the force of impact • Seamless technology :Antistatic system ,Intelligent safe,protection • Materials : Reinforced Carbon Underwear® Reinforced Carbon Underwear fabric capable of bearing the weight of the built-in protectors and preventing them from moving. • 77% Polypropylene, 15% Polyamide, 5% Elastomer, 3% Carbon Fiber


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Style/Segment Jerseys sleeveless
Type 4-Seasons
Model Pro Tech Bare
Size S
Graphic/Color Black

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