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Tuesday Tips - How To Prepare Your Bike for Spring

Posted By: Motovan Published: 29/03/2021

Spring is officially here, which means it is time to take our bikes out (if not already done)! However, there are a few things you need to check before hitting the road. We will go through 5 steps that you should look over in order to set up your bike to be “Spring” ready and of course ensure that you have a safe riding season.

Step 1: Overall Condition of Your Tires 

Making sure your tires are good to go is extremely important when riding. First, you want to look at tire pressure, and inflate your tires accordingly if the pressure over the winter became too low. You also want to inspect the tire thread depth (most tires have an indicator on them). Finally, you should check for any abnormalities your tires may have, such as bumps or cracks. If you see any, you should replace your tires.

Step 2: Brake Condition 

If your brake pads are worn out you want to make sure to replace them before hitting the road; you can find this out by checking the wear indicator on your brake pads. You also want to make sure there is at least 2mm of material thickness on your pads. 

Step 3: Fluids

Common to all motorcycles are engine oil and brake fluid. The start of the season is a great time for an oil change if you haven’t done so when storing your bike for the winter months. Additionally, you need to make sure you have enough brake fluid in your motorcycle. It's important that you follow your bike’s manufacturer instructions on which oil and fluid to use in your bike. Some bikes also use driveshaft fluids, transmission fluids and coolant that also needs to be looked at prior. 

Step 4: The Battery Condition 

A smart charger is a great tool for you to know if your battery is in good condition or not. If your battery was plugged in while stored, you should not have any problems with it. However, if it was not, there’s a pretty good chance that you will have to get a new one. Note: Battery trackers are new on the market and they allow you to receive information about your battery on your smart phone.

Step 5: Final Drive

Most motorcycles have chains and sprockets, while some have belts. When it comes to your chain, you want to make sure you clean and lube it regularly. At the beginning of the season, you should check if your chain is not too loose, nor too tight (again, you can find all this information in the instructions manual provided by your manufacturer). You should also examine your sprockets in order to make sure that they are not worn down. Same goes if it’s a belt drive motorcycle; the belt should be uniform and smooth with no broken cords or cracks.


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