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Tuesday Tips - How To Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet

Posted By: Motovan Published: 31/05/2021

Your helmet is used every time you go out for a ride, facing many different types of weather conditions. It absorbs everything from bugs on the outside to sweat being absorbed within the interior lining, which is why it is important to continuously clean and care for your helmet it in order to keep it fresh and extend its lifetime.

Step 1: The Exterior of the Helmet

Before cleaning your helmet, be sure to remove any internal electronic accessories as well as any Bluetooth communication units that may be attached to it. It is important to use a mild soap when cleaning the exterior of the helmet, such as specific soaps available within the industry or even baby shampoo. We recommend using the S-100 Special Surface Cleaner or the Motul Helmet Cleaner. Along with these soaps, you should be using a clean microfiber rag. Simply spray on the cleaner and wipe off all the bugs and residue with your cloth.

Step 2: The Interior of the Helmet

In order to clean the interior of your helmet, you want to start off by removing the lining and padding (that is if your helmet does have a removable interior). Wet the lining and padding of your helmet with warm water and massage it with a mild soap, such as baby shampoo. Then rinse out the soap with warm water. In order to dry your helmet lining and pads simply lay them out to dry overnight; do not put them in the dryer as it may potentially distort them. 

Step 3: The Visor

The visor requires some delicate cleaning. Simply remove the visor from your helmet and gently clean it with some mild soap and warm water. Rinse it with warm water and dry it with a clean microfiber cloth. 


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