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Tuesday Tips - How To Choose the Right Riding Gloves

Posted By: Motovan Published: 15/04/2021

Having the right pair of gloves while riding is key because your hands are essential when operating a motorcycle. The three main things to consider when choosing a pair of motorcycle gloves are the type of riding, the weather/season and the fit.

Type of Riding

Depending on what riding you’ll be doing, a specific style is best. There are various glove categories for street riding, racing, trail/adventure riding and off-road.


Street gloves are typically made of leather, textile or a combination of both. They are generally worn for day to day riding or for cruising around town.

They have a more urban style and are usually quite spartan with respect to styling. 


Racing gloves are designed for precision steering, both on the track and on the road. They offer riders maximum efficiency, high performance and ultimate protection.


Trail/adventure gloves are normally as multifunctional, comfortable and tough as the motorcycles made for extensive travel. These gloves offer unprecedented technical solutions that allow for big country travel, but also prove to be effective for everyday use.


Off-road gloves are best used on dirt tracks or the wilderness.

Off-road riders require unique dirt road features, so these gloves focus more on comfort and breathability compared to other types of gloves.


In the winter, more than any other time of the year, riding requires considerable steering skills. Howling winds and low temperatures assault your extremities and can affect your reflexes - if you’re not wearing the right gloves. Therefore, winter calls for specially designed and adapted equipment. When the temperature rises again, you can switch back to a more lightweight option.


When it comes to the proper fit, we want to avoid having too much material overlap at the tip of the fingers. If there is too much material, the gloves may be too big. You also want to ensure that the gloves fit snugly in between the fingers. If you are able to pinch a lot of material from the palm of your hand and lift it, then the glove is probably too big for you.


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