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How To Change Your Motorcycle Oil

Posted By: Motovan Published: 26/04/2021

Changing your motorcycle oil is necessary and can be easily done by yourself. This video and article are here to guide you through it in the simplest way possible.

Step 1

You want to start off by making sure you have an oil pan in order to recuperate all the old oil. You then want to remove the drain plug (make sure you are removing the right plug by looking in your owner’s manual) and empty all the oil into the pan. Wait until all the oil completely pours out.

Step 2

Remove your oil filter. Removing your oil filter may be tricky, therefore it is important to have the right tools for your bike.

Step 3

You now want to take your new filter and lubricate the o-ring (which is included with your new filter). To do so, you want to take your new motor oil and put a little on the tip of your finger to lubricate the o-ring around the new filter. Next, screw your filter back on with your hands and take the proper tool and do a ¼ turn with the oil filter. 

Step 4

Take the drain plug and make sure you clean all the sediments off the drain plug; you also want to replace the drain plug gasket. Once this is done, you want to screw the drain plug back into place before filling the engine with new oil.

Step 5

Different motorcycles require different quantities of oil in their engine, therefore it is important to know how much oil is needed in yours. Fill up your engine with the right amount of oil, then close the cap. Make sure the funnel you use had nothing but motor oil in it. 

Step 6

Start your motorcycle for 5 minutes to make sure the oil goes everywhere into the oil filter. Stop the engine and check your oil once again just to make sure it’s at the right quantity.


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