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Tuesday Tips - Gear Tips for This Time of Year

Posted By: Motovan Published: 23/03/2021

Spring has arrived and many of us are eager to take our bikes out. It may not be super warm yet, but that won’t stop us. Here are a few tips to keep warm and ride comfortably during this “nippy” time of the year. 

Base Layers

Base layers are worn directly in contact with the skin, underneath your gear. They provide maximum sweat control, always keeping the skin dry and counteract the formation of odors. They also help in maintaining the right body temperature. Additionally, base layers are extremely comfortable. 

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Heated Gear

Heated gear is great to have for long rides in cooler weather. It is also much safer than wearing many layers as it will not compromise your ability to move while riding. Getting too hot? Just flick the off switch!

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Mid-Season Gloves

Having the right pair of gloves while riding in colder weather is key because your hands are essential when operating a motorcycle… obviously. Plus, nobody enjoys having cold hands and fingers.  Mid-season gloves are ideal for riding in bad weather in spring or autumn, or even in not-too-severe winters. Many Five Gloves’ mid-season models offer a GORE-TEX® membrane for waterproofing and Thinsulate™ 150g lining to protect against the cold.

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Transition® Face Shields

Transition® helmet shields are great, especially for days when the sun comes and goes. These Intelligent “Photochromic” shields automatically adjust their tint based on the actual lighting conditions, which makes the perfect face and eye protection for any “day” riding conditions of course. 


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