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How To Choose Your Riding Boots

Posted By: Motovan Published: 14/06/2021

The motorcycle boots you choose should be a reflection of your riding style. Depending on the bike you ride, there are specific things you should look for in a boot. In this article and video, we will go over the different types of riding boots.



These are the ideal boots to wear for your everyday rides/commuting, whether you are going to work or just cruising around town. They are both functional and stylish, as well as have necessary protection features needed for riding. In addition to riding, they are comfortable enough to wear while you are off your bike and walking. They are offered in both leather and textile depending on how much breathability you are looking for. These boots are also available for women as the Ladies models were designed to fit a woman’s foot. 


This boot is great for long distance rides. The shaft is higher than the previous street boots, which offers more protection. They are comfortable, flexible and functional enough to wear while riding. To top it all off, they are breathable and waterproof, adding to the level of comfort in different riding conditions.


These boots offer superior protection and ideal for wearing on a track. Performance is a key feature of racing boots as they are lightweight and have a precise fit while the durable stole is made for better control and durability.

These boots are comfortable to wear on the track at high speeds, however they should not be the first choice for everyday riding. 


ADV boots are a hybrid between touring and off-road boots. They are great for light off-road riding, ATV riding as well as “enduro”. They are more impact resistant than touring boots, while being a little less stiff than a traditional motocross boots. They are perfect to wear when riding in different weather conditions as they breathable and waterproof.


As the name goes, off-road / motocross boots are to be worn while riding on an off-road dirt track or trail. They offer superior protection and were designed for speed while being able to absorb impacts from rocks and debris.. They are more rigid and have a high shaft and therefore they are not ideal to walk around in. However, they have a comfortable fit and flexible to ride in.

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