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How To Choose Your Motorcycle Helmet Shield

Posted By: Motovan Published: 12/07/2021

Using the right helmet shield is key to your safety. Different weather conditions can affect your vision while riding, which is why it is important to choose a shield that will keep you safe on the road. In this article and video, we will go over the different types of shields for your motorcycle helmets and inn what types of conditions you should wear them. 

Clear Shield

A clear shield is a standard motorcycle helmet shield, as it is the one a helmet initially comes with. This type of shield lets 85% of the light in, therefore it may not be the best choice when it is extremely sunny out. 

Dark Smoke

This shield is the perfect shield for very sunny days as it only transmits 25% of the light (on top of offering UV protection). It is important however to lift the shield when entering a tunnel because the darkness of the shield will impact your ability to see. 

Hi-Def Yellow 

This shield is great for overcast days. The yellow hue is contrast enhancing when it is pretty grey out. Additionally, this shield tint lets about 90% of the light transmit. 

Hi-Def Orange is also available with the same contrast enhancing features, however it can be used on brighter days as its light transmission stands at 40%.

Chrome (Blue, Gold, Orange)

The chrome series are ideal for very sunny days as their light transmission ranges between 24%-30%. They are similar to the dark smoke shield, however people enjoy them because of their cool chrome look. 


Transition® helmet shields are great, especially for days when the sun comes and goes. It can be used in very sunny conditions as much as it can be when it gets dark out. These Intelligent “Photochromic” shields automatically adjust their tint based on the actual lighting conditions, which makes the perfect face and eye protection with light transmission ranging between 30%-80%.

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